1 800 dating lansing michigan

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1 800 dating lansing michigan

Examine strategies for creating aesthetic frames around mixed planting to make them attractive and appealing to the public.

Understand how to use site constraints as assets and minimize site preparation resources.

Throw climate change into that scenario to create quite the moving target for anyone pursuing management visions.

So how do we keep our lands on a path toward improved health, resilience, and functionality? Simple, curious, humble, energetic, and persistent Presence builds deep connections.

- Lunch, WAM Grant Awards and Networking - CONCURRENT SESSIONS Concurrent Session #1 in Big Ten B JULIE HURD Ph D., Retired from a university teaching career, Julie volunteers at the Grass River Natural Area, and is a WAM Grant winner.

Establishment, management, cultural requirements, and species availability will be discussed.

How do we give advantage native species while stemming the advance of opportunistic and unbound invasives? These connections are the roots of Stewardship; our Presence and our understanding of the dynamics at play on the land allow us to take a role and bring our influence to bear.

Management practices and singular actions define our notion of Presence.

Great planting design is an essential part of the solution.

Join us as we dig deeper into inspiring design principles derived from wild plant communities that resonate deeply within us and trigger stunning emotional responses.

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We will analyze archetypal landscapes and translate their principles into smaller garden spaces to help you create the native plant oasis of your dreams that will blow you away with stunning beauty!

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