101 sex chats

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101 sex chats

Jenette Fulda, author of "Chocolate and Vicodin," tried everything to deal with her headache, and found humor to be surprisingly therapeutic for coping with daily pain.

She's tried to live the best life possible until she found what she calls, "Semi-wellness." It's an encouraging conversation if you're in chronic pain.

understands that Internet safety is a shared responsibility between the public, the Internet industry, and the legal community.

However, parents remain the 'first line of defense' in protecting their children against Internet safety dangers.

One of the most significant challenges we face is that an entire generation of children is navigating life in an online world with which we—as parents and caregivers—have had very little experience.

This evolving Web, referred to as "Web 2.0", is user-driven; anybody can be a publisher, videographer, or instant celebrity.

Communication is instant and can be one-on-one, one-to-many, many-to-many; peer-to-peer, or even viral.

Author Jenni Grover wrote the book on living "as well as possible" despite frequent pain.

She shares her secrets on breaking bad habits and creating new ones to help you thrive in life, love and work.

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Over the past several years, a number of dynamic, powerful and destructive dangers have some together to create a perfect storm scenario for our children to fall victim to online exploitation.

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