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This one was obtained directly from the family by the previous owner and is accompanied by a signed letter attesting to it's authenticity and lineage.

Housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. Item #17983 Rare quarter plate tintype of a unidentified sharpshooter.

Paroled 6 days later he would rejoin the regiment only to be captured again a little over a year later on July 6, 1864 near Atlanta.

After his capture he would be sent to a Union prison in Louisville.

There are a number of various view of Hinsdale out there. Wonderful back mark on this one as well from Watson's Photographic & Fine Arts Studio located in Raleigh, North Carolina. I tend to think this horseman was probably from the 3rd Ohio as Merrill's men were issued grey caps rather than the blue seen here. Item #89341 Sixth plate ambrotype of this Confederate officer. Dressed in this dark blue frock which appears to be based off the Federal infantry frock.

Regardless it is a stunning portrait with beautiful color. The cuffs and collar are trimmed in light blue just like the Federal frock but feature a broader cloth tape than that seen on the Federal version.

Both men are dressed in frock coats and sporting felt caps. Item #89719 Drop dead beautiful sixth plate ruby ambrotype. These two men are Louis and Ludwig Reifsteck of Missouri.

One of the men has the Greek cross for the 6th Corps pinned to the breast of his coat. The two brothers are handsomely dressed in grey greatcoats and sporting red caps.

Item #97812 Wonderful sixth plate Neff's Patent melainotype identified as private John Emmet Wilson of Alabama. During late 1862 and into early 1863 John and the men of the 42nd would be sent to Vicksburg to form part of the garrison positioned there.

There were a number of regiments from Virginia with those initials unfortunately. Dressed in a grey jacket trimmed with black cloth shoulder tabs.

Armed with his musket which he displays for the camera with the hammer cocked. So much so you can clearly see the weave of the jean cloth the jacket was made from. He wears this fantastic grey, wide brimmed felt cap which you often see among worn among North Carolina troops. In June, 1862 Hinsdale would be severely wounded during a charge upon enemy works at the Battle of Seven Pines.

From there he would be transferred to Camp Chase, Ohio and then to Point Lookout. He would go on to live a long, healthy life passing in 1922.

John is shown here dressed in this peppered grey or butternut jacket with the front and collar trimmed in a very thin black cord.

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Two very large pockets are located on either side of the mid section while sporting this fantastic large black felt hat.

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