Accuracy of ancient dating methods

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To prove his argument, he walked me over to a nearby travel agent encouraging me to buy airplane tickets to Aswan, where, he said, the evidence is clear.I must, he insisted, see the quarry marks there, as well as the unfinished obelisk.He explained that the ancient Egyptians cut a slot in the granite, inserted wooden wedges, and then soaked them with water.

The Aswan quarries were educational, though after returning to Cairo the following day and while strolling around the Giza Plateau later in the week, I started to question the quarry marks at Aswan even more.

South of the second pyramid I found an abundance of quarry marks of similar nature.

The granite casing stones that had sheathed the second pyramid were stripped off and lying around the base in various stages of destruction.

The ancient Egyptians created artifacts that cannot be explained in simple terms.

These tools do not fully represent the "state of the art" that is evident in the artifacts.

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