Add agency dating link

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Add agency dating link

As Julia can read you letters by herself then the translation and sending her letter out to you cost . 4) To help us recover the expenses of our efforts in assisting our clients reach as many perspective life partners as possible. Thanks to it I have many happy minutes because I have found my satisfaction in it.If you wish to send the large sum of money for girl or to present flowers to her, other any gift we shall do it on your behalf.

I very muchwant, that on this vacation in my life there was a unforgettable travel.

They are various I often go to the cinema stereo-halls. The services provided by us to be paid for are: 1) Translation, to ensure that the meaning of your words, as well as our clients words are accurate in expressing your meaning, as well as hers.

Share with each other all the secrets and support in difficult minutes. I like to spend my free time in the circle of my friends. We place their pictures and profiles in the Internet and provide them with translating.

Would you be kind to tell us the control number of the transfer, your full name without reductions, city where you live after your sending it? You can use your credit card for transferring the money to us through web site Western Union the part of Mihail Macheret, Novosibirsk, Russia.

I like meeting my friends, some of them live abroad (USA, Germany). Tell about your family, friends, people around you. But we are reputed as honest workers and it's unpleasant for us to listen to reproaches like these. Or you can transfer the money by Western Union office to the part of Mihail Macheret, Novosibirsk, Russia.

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The payment for 10 letters (10 letters from you to her and 10 answering letters from her to you) cost $70 (seventy dollars USA).

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