Adult chate rooms

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Adult chate rooms

In one third (89; 31%) of these 286 patients, rescuers were able to achieve ROSC – thus when CPR is attempted, ROSC is not uncommon but subsequent neurologically intact survival is rare.

Prevent recurrence of electrolyte disorders by removing any precipitating factors (e.g. This potassium gradient across cell membranes contributes to the excitability of nerve and muscle cells, including the myocardium.

Evaluation of serum potassium must take into consideration the effects of changes in serum p H.

When serum p H decreases (acidaemia), serum potassium increases because potassium shifts from the cellular to the vascular space; a process that is reversed when serum p H increases (alkalaemia).

It is seen more commonly as a consequence of asphyxia, which accounts for most of the non-cardiac causes of cardiac arrest.

There are many causes of asphyxial cardiac arrest ( If breathing is completely prevented by airway obstruction or apnoea, consciousness will be lost when oxygen saturation in the arterial blood reaches about 60%.

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Hyperkalaemia occurs in up to 10% of hospitalised patients.; in practice, hyperkalaemia is a continuum.

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