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Early reports of institutionalized individuals with 5p- syndrome cast a rather bleak prognostic view of this syndrome.More recent surveys with noninstitutionalized children find much more variability in outcome, with many individuals learning to walk, engage in self-help skills, and communicate via speech, signs, or communicative aids (These studies attempt to tease apart diagnostic versus relationship issues.Confirmation of the syndrome is made by karyotype analysis, which shows the deletion.The incidence of cri-du-chat syndrome is estimated as 1 in 20000 to 1 in 50000 newborn infants making this a relatively common genetic disorder.

If the centromere divides in a plane perpendicular to the long axis of the chromosome, pairs of isochromosomes are formed.Dysmorphic facial features localized to a 2.4Mb region of 5p15.31-p15.2.The severity of developmental delay was correlated to the size of the deletion and its location in all cases with an isolated 5p deletion.Balanced translocations do not result in the loss of genetic material.Most carriers of balanced translocations have a normal phenotype.

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Therefore children may understand more complex verbal language than their expressive skills might demonstrate (Cornish et al, 1999).