Al dating system

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This picture shows the recently installed Nano SIMS at Washington University.

The Nano SIMS is a new type of ion microprobe that allows elemental and isotopic analysis with very high spatial resolution and with high sensitivity.

Primitive meteorites provide samples that were formed in its earliest days and thus can give us information about this period. (2002) Aluminum-26 in H4 chondrites: implications for its production and its usefulness as a fine-scale chronometer for early-solar-system events. Magnesium shows excesses in the isotope 26 that are correlated with the aluminum/magnesium ratio, indicating that the Al ratio varies in objects that formed at different times.

To establish the sequence of events during solar system formation on a time scale of a million years radioactive isotopes that decay with half-lives comparable to this time scale can potentially serve as clocks for dating these events. By measuring the aluminum-magnesium system today, the relative ages of these objects can be established.

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These nagging doubts were amplified by the recent discovery by Kevin Mc Keegan (University of California, Los Angeles) and colleagues that another short-lived isotope, beryllium-10 (half-life 1.5 million years) was also originally present in CAIs.

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