Ames and jackie dating Bull sex chat

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Ames and jackie dating

And where are you now -- would you be interested in being the next Bachelor?Ames Brown: I think when I met Jackie, I pretty much forgot about everything that I was thinking because she was so beautiful and charming, and so I can't even remember what my plan was going into , it hasn't been discussed or anything, so at this point, I don't really know.Gia Allemand: What it comes down to with me and the person I am is anything that I say, I really tried to do be as real and honest as I can be.I just tried to not let money get in the way of destroying that good quality I've created for myself, but if I would have voted Kasey off, yeah.Reality TV World: Gia, you were extremely upset in the premiere episode when Jake gave his date's rose to [Vienna Girardi] instead of you.

Gia Allemand: Jake's whole plan of going on that show was to do something good and to be a bigger and better person. " Because at that point, not one person in that house liked Jake or gave him a chance, because Vienna had rallied people up for weeks before this game -- before the show -- and got everyone to think Jake was this monster.It would have gotten me further in the game and I may have won, but I can't sleep at night knowing that I was dishonest.Reality TV World: Ames, when you went on with Ashley?Reality TV World: Gia, you seemed shocked that Graham told Kasey what your plans were to wipe out the power couple.Did you ever get the explanation you were looking for from him as to what he actually said and why he would do that to you?

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As much as I didn't agree with him giving her the rose, I understand that that rose to him -- it just meant to him like, "I'm sorry for whatever. So, he just wanted to give something to break this spite between her and his strategy didn't work.

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