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At the Thomas household in London’s Blackheath there was always music in the background.Her father David is an opera singer and elder sister Emma is trained in musical theatre.

While the kingdom grew through both colonization and invasion, an alarming new threat began to take place -- a dwindling supply of food.The first day, when we did a read through, we were all thinking, “We’re all going to have to sing in a minute.” It was just so daunting. You sense that she’ll be ‘playing and having a great time’ for many years to come, because she marries that relish for the work with a toolkit of talents.presented an entirely different challenge.But everyone was in the same boat, and, anyway, it’s the Proclaimers – come on, who wouldn’t get carried away? ‘My boyfriend in the film [Davy] thinks that there’s some kind of irreconcilable difference between Scots and English people and that they should hate each other, but that’s not how we found it at all. Set in the 70s, the film tells the story of two Northern boys whose worlds are changed for ever when they discover black American soul music, and Antonia’s character Angela is supposed to be a brilliant dancer.It was quite a baptism for a girl who had finished drama school just the day before..The bottle scene was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I had to think hard about the job because of the nature of the character.

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