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Article on teacher and student dating issues

The paper intends to examine the current professional ethics, its problems and teacher taught relationship in the field of teacher education as well as how they described negotiated relationship boundaries. Ed college under Indra Prasta University that Ram Chandra Institute of Education and Technology and in-service students of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), and designed to document examples of ethical dilemmas faced by pre-service and practicing teachers.

Also aim to explore pre-service teachers’ perceptions on ethical education and to examine the B.

India has made concentrated efforts to modify and modernize teacher education curricula to suit the requirements of contemporary educational needs of the society and instill greater professionalism and commitment in practicing teachers through pre-service and continuous in-service teacher education programmes.

The National Policy of Education (NPE, 1986) reflects this commitment by considering pre-service and in-service teacher education as a continuous process and two ends of a continuum.

The Education Commission (1964-66) of India accepted this influence of teachers in powerful words, “No system can rise above the status of its teacher…” Similar sentiments have been expressed by the Delors report (1996), and UNESCO report on Teacher and Educational Quality: Monitoring Global Needs for 2015 (2006) .

The organisation of teacher education in any system can be visualized at two levels.

The second level is the structure of curriculum i.e. At this level Schulman’s (1987) conceptualization of teacher’s knowledge provides the base of teacher education curriculum structure a teacher should possess subject content knowledge, general pedagogical knowledge, and the knowledge of educational contexts and goals; and should be able to use this knowledge creatively to deal with ever changing classroom situations.

If we analyse teacher education systems in different countries from this perspective we will find majority of teacher education reform efforts centred on reforming the knowledge base of teachers, and similarities can be observed in teacher education curriculum across various societies.

Internationally and locally, education systems are developing professional standards for teachers to attract, develop, recognize and retain quality teachers.

The literature on the ethic of care and the emotional dimensions of teaching provided much of the framework of our research .

In this study, one of the major themes that emerged from initial analysis of our interviews with students and teachers was their struggle with relationship boundaries as part of their emotional interactions with Teacher’s/students.

Ed course curriculum for ethics subjects across the one-year and two year degree course.

Results highlight a need for teacher training courses to include ethical philosophy subject, at the same time a code of ethics for teaching profession.

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The Code of Ethics of the teacher Education Profession indicates the aspiration of all educators and provides standards by which to judge conduct.

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