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'I recalled the open hostility that I had felt over the last couple of years from a small number of BME doctors and realised that there had clearly been a significant campaign of vilification against me going back years.'I was tentatively offered the chance to withdraw my resignation but I said that I would think about it.'This revelation was incredibly hurtful and disorientating as I have always tried to be inclusive and supportive of staff from all backgrounds and all I could think about for myself was getting out of there, getting some fresh air and getting my head around this bombshell.'I tried to drive back to RLI afterwards but was overcome with the enormity of it all and pulled over into a layby, sitting with my head in my hands for some half an hour before I felt composed enough to drive home and tell my wife what had happened.'We agreed with three historic and uncontested racism allegations against my name together with serious accusations of attempted fraud from the Division, unless the hospital came up with something truly exceptional, my career in the NHS was over, once and for all and for ever.'I also phoned my solicitor that evening to tell him the final piece of the jigsaw was in place and I now knew why I'd been driven out so brutally.He claimed another senior colleague had stood down after claims of racism were also levelled against him and added: 'I believe a clear and sustained campaign of victimisation, vilification and disinformation was aimed at me by the clinicians who were responsible for the clinical errors, avoidable deaths and excessive, probably fraudulent work that were the subject of the my repeated protected disclosures.'I firmly believe and was warned by colleagues that the campaign waged against me was one of retaliation for my protected disclosures and that there is no other credible explanation for this campaign.'It was largely covert as is made very clear by the limited disclosures to date, many of which are marked as confidential.'I believe that my part was restricted to the declaration and reporting of a series of major clinical incidents and what I believed to be fraudulent behaviour which would otherwise have gone unreported.'I was clearly threatened, abused, victimised and briefed against by those individuals who did not share my belief in a high quality clinical service in the best traditions of the NHS and who clearly felt threatened by my protected disclosures.'Only since my forced resignation, it seems increasingly clear from the limited disclosures to date that there was a secretive retaliatory campaign to brand me as a racism and accuse me of bias against Black and Minority Ethnic doctors, an utterly false claim.'Unfortunately, I was unable to defend myself during this particular meeting, being entirely unaware that I was under attack or that the meeting ever took place until I was unemployed.'In 2015 Mr Duffy moved to Furness General Hospital where he was voted 'Doctor of the Year by front line NHS staff for bringing down waiting lists and improving services.

Schier endlose Möglichkeiten moderner Kommunikation stehen uns offen.After an audit showed Mr Duffy carrying out the most emergency work in the department, the hearing was told Mr Jain and Mr Naseem accused him of harming patients and operating on them needlessly.Mr Duffy also claimed Mr Jain confronted him in an 'intimidating manner' outside an operating theatre and 'backed him' against a wall.And after 16 years working at the trust, he claims he was forced to resign in July 2016 after his £200,000 salary was slashed by £36,000 over unproven allegations.Dr Duffy, a married father-of-three, was transferred from the Royal Lancaster Infirmary to Furness General Hospital in 2015, but claimed a colleague told him: 'You've made enemies here.

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'I was dazed and disorientated that in the space of a few months I had gone from joint clinical lead of the urology department and the hospital's Doctor of the Year, to being unemployed and with uncontested allegations of racism and attempted fraud against my name.'I still dream even now from time to time that I'm back working there and then I wake up to find myself in my little flat.

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