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Backdating life insurance

It cost extra to get this benefit, and usually cannot exceed 0,000 to 0,000, and will not be more than the face amount of the policy.Accelerated Death Benefit Option: Also known as “living benefits.” This rider allows you, under certain circumstances, to receive the proceeds of your life insurance policy before you die.Contingent Beneficiary: A person or persons named to receive policy benefits if the primary beneficiary is deceased at the time the benefits become payable.Convertible (conversion): Convertible to a permanent policy.Some State laws often limit to six months but it varies by insurance carrier as well. Proceeds are paid to whomever is named as beneficiary, no matter what your Will or estate plan might say.Beneficiary: The person designated to receive the death benefit when the insured dies. Business Insurance: Policies written for business purposes, such as corporate life insurance, key man insurance, buy-sell, business loan protection, etc.

A life and health insurance policy without a conditional receipt is not effective or available until it is delivered to the insured and the premium is paid and all other conditions are met.Decreasing Term: Usually associated with Mortgage Insurance.A form of life insurance that provides a death benefit which declines throughout the term of the contract, reaching zero at the end of the term.Such circumstances include terminal or catastrophic illness, the need for long-term care or confinement to a nursing home.Availability and specifics of these riders vary by carrier and state.

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Accidental Death Benefit: A rider added to a life insurance policy.