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Khan confirmed Shah was in Bagram when he was there.Shah also said he was eventually freed after he learnt enough English to speak directly to his US interrogators and convince them he was telling the truth. I lost everything," said Shah, who had three years until his high school graduation when he was detained.The 24-year-old Pakistani never contacts anyone on the dating sites.

Sometimes he was shackled to a chair, other times hung from the ceiling by his ankles. It was just -- is it going to be for one month or for six months? "They asked me stupid questions, like 'where is Osama bin Laden? Neighbors shun him; no one wants trouble with the intelligence services.US authorities say they are aware of only one juvenile prisoner, aged 17, and no child prisoners.Some prisoners, like Hamidullah Khan, were arrested as children and have grown up behind bars.Just as we do with prisoners of war in more traditional armed conflicts, we acknowledge that the threat they pose may change over time," said Breasseale.A case filed in the United States three years ago by the International Justice Network is challenging the US right to hold foreign prisoners captured abroad indefinitely in Bagram.

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"Although there have been substantiated cases of abuse in the past, for which US service members have been held accountable, our enemies also have employed a deliberate campaign of exaggerations and fabrications," said Lt. Todd Breasseale, a spokesman for the Department of Defense in Washington.