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Additionally, it helps you avoid triggering the poison traps in the main hall, which can damage the shades on Nightmare difficulty, but not sufficiently enough to justify the added damage to your own party or the lost xp from a disarm.The rage demon is vulnerable to Frost, making Winter's Grasp the ideal choice for a mage, and despite fighting most like an "assassin" role among the demon faction it is nowhere near as annoying (particularly when fire resistance options become available later in the game).Description: Male, handsome, 30 years old, works for 24 Hour Fitness. Actual: 44 years old, works at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and is trying out for Biggest Loser.Working in the church for 30 years has made me front row to some different bait/switch scenarios.Meet Fenris in the Hightown Estates area, then enter Danarius's Manor.The elf will be locked into the party for the next section of the quest.If there are any mages in the party, Hawke will be able to earn Friendship/Rivalry points from the first set of dialogue choices in the last scene.The options for the first dialogue choice if Hawke is a Warrior or Rogue are: Hawke will unlock the Codex entry: Slavery in the Tevinter Imperium upon completion of this quest.

This is particularly useful during the first encounter in the main hall, as the initial shades can be pulled to the starting room and slain, sometimes enabling a drop out of combat to fully heal and recover mana/stamina, before the rage demon can enter the fray.

The Arcane Horror's retreat point is near the door connecting to these rooms, so lay down an Ao E attack like Firestorm to attack the shades forcing their way over the threshold while damaging the Arcane Horror further.

Killing it will prevent it from using more Ao Es, after which you can repeat the tactics from the first fight to deal with the remaining shades.

Regardless of the type of ministry you do: children’s, youth, family, adult, senior, or associate pastor…it doesn’t matter…leaders grab onto one type of bait expectation and get switched to another expectation.

I don’t believe the intention is to diabolically trick anyone, but during the course of ministry to people, it just happens.

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Kill all the enemies here before looting the area for the Magister's Key (to prevent a possible bug).

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