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OK, so for you two your inappropriate smiling or inappropriate laughter is involuntary, but since you KNOW that it hurts people's feelings or upsets others, you should make the effort to learn how to control it.There are therapists who specialize in helping people overcome unwanted, embarrassing social habits, just like there are therapies and specialists who help people overcome their phobias.I, myself tend to catch myself smiling while talking about the past trauma and very bad memories when in therapy (or even when sharing with a friend).And I honestly have no idea why I would be smiling when the things I share were (and still are) affecting me badly.When repeatedly called “a liar” she just smiled incredulously and out-of-context. Do these bizarre smiles originate out of a swampy marsh or altered state of consciousness where we lose control of our own faces and reflexes? A smile that has no place and does not fit the situation can be quite upsetting. It appears to defy logic and the troubling behavior typically is in dire need of interpretation. Destructive, disturbing behavior in the workplace, in surgical waiting rooms and in the international political arena may pivot around something as small and seemingly innocent as an inappropriate smile. We may need to conduct an inventory of our nonverbal behavior as it can go amok and astray.In my experience voters have an intuitive radar and what some call a belly logic. Is an inappropriate smile worth a medical malpractice lawsuit or the wrath of colleagues?Saw this when a fellow student was found dead in our dorm years ago. I was badly attacked by my son, who has profound autism and other problems.

Smiling in battle, stress and grief can be caused by lots of things and a much wider history of behaior is needed.

Purvis’ “chilling, horrifying smile accompanying his news of the patient’s death.” When questioned, Mrs.

Sherman admitted that she was “somewhat clueless as to the level of medical care or the rigor of the surgical procedure.” It was rather that the out-of- place smile on the doctor’s face told the wife that something was terribly wrong. Fortune 100 company who was the subject of accusations of bullying and abuse from his subordinates.

Even a surgeon, not the most emotionally engaged of people I generally have met, have to have tha much competency to manage a social situtation like this. I have known people who inappropriately smile when under stress.

Most don't feel like smiling when they lose a patient, anyway. They might burst out laughing, which can go over to tears in a second.

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It is etched in our minds, hearts and culture that there is some synchronicity between events, words, and the look in one’s eyes and the expression on the mouth and lips.