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But I hope that by sharing five common traits feminists look for in a man, I can save some of the younger folks out there some of the heartache I experienced.

Men and women both have a right to ask for these things from your partner. You need to treat all women like we are human beings, because we are.

Columnist Suzanne Venker explains to Feminist women “Why men won’t marry you.” Here’s the short answer: A man expects to care for his wife in a certain way and he expects his wife to care for him in a certain way.

Those ways are women can do everything men can do (they can’t), then the deal is off.

I'm a radical liberal feminist and I don't hate men! It's almost like I was raised by an awesome father, have great brothers, and understand that people are complicated and that it's shortsighted to to write off an entire gender just because of the actions of some of them.

When you are hanging around with people who speak about women in a sexist or disparaging way, speak up.I know, as part of Ellevate my biggest focus is giving tips on leveraging your network to reach your goals, and to share the limited, yet hard-earned, knowledge I’ve compiled from this community of amazing women. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to embrace it and own it. He told me he appreciated traditional gender roles, he was looking for a woman who would “cook and clean and cater to him” and the idea of stay at home dads was just weird.But as part of our #Take Back Feminism campaign I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of the many reasons why I’m a feminist and why I think it’s important that we embrace the label and fight for equality, and I realized that I have never really shared (except for a short mention in our Ellevate Podcast) an experiment I’ve been doing in my personal life: dating while feminist. And I’m at that time in my life when my friends are all married or getting there, and many of them are starting families and “have other things to worry about.” Many of them don’t consider themselves feminists, many don’t think gender inequality still exists. I work for a mission-driven company, I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember, and I’ve recently decided that I would be very outspoken about it (but that’s a topic for another time). But as I know all too well from my friends and family (some of who still believe I am “an event planner”) explaining what I do quickly, via text, and to someone who doesn’t care or know anything about you just yet, is not easy. What I’ve found is that those men who don’t have a strong reaction to my “professional feminist” statement are usually the ones who are just oblivious to the problem, not because they are misogynistic or mean or bad... Yeah, no, we were never going to be a match, but I thought of it as the perfect opportunity to engage in a conversation with someone who I fundamentally disagreed with about an issue that he just accepted and never bothered to think about.And when the work you have to do is to close the gender achievement gap, well.... I’ve learned what I care about, I learned what I’m good at, and I’ve learned eye-opening information of why talking about things matters. It’s up to us to show them that they can be whoever and whatever they want. Remember, knowledge is power, and engaging in healthy debates can help you clarify your message and help the other party broaden their perspective. A lot of people will just try to push your buttons to get your attention and you should know that your time and energy is much more valuable than that.Why talking about inequality can lead to equality, why talking about careers can lead to success, why talking about money can lead to more money, and why talking about things you care about, particularly to those you can influence, can get them to care about it, too. Someone once messaged me to say we should go out so I could take care of him like my female ancestors would take care of their men. They’d get excited about my job and wanted to ask me questions, find out my take on books, or send me articles that they’d thought I’d find interesting and wanted to discuss.

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It’s up to you — to — to speak to our allies about it.

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