Beth holloway dating john ramsey 2016

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However, his execution was stayed by a district court judge, to allow time to investigate claims that fellow death row inmate Larry Swearingen had tried to persuade Shore to confess to the crime for which Swearingen was sentenced to death.

Williams appellate attorneys argued that he is mentally ill, which would make his Execution illegal.Psychologists testified that Battaglia is suffering from mental illness, including the delusion that he did not kill the girls.Sentenced to death in the murder of his ex-girlfriend in 1999.Sentenced to death for the 2004 robbery and slaying of a Fort Worth man in his home. Evidenced showed that the victim, a retired Bell Helicopter worker, kept cash in containers scattered around his home.Carter's fall partner, Leketha Allen, was also convicted of the murder. A May 16, 2017, execution date was stayed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, based on allegations that the prosecution used false testimony at trial.

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