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As conversation spreads between the two families—living address, education, occupations, hobbies for family background—you find out the guy is actually nine years older than you.The “adults” seem relaxed and start to laugh and joke, while the “kids” stay stone silent, mostly.Stll, as far as the parents are concerned there is only the inevitable blind date as arranged by, you guessed it, them.

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She should pretend she is shy because that, apparently, is the sign of a good woman.

Talk of income and property is an unavoidable, yet tricky topic.

The woman does not necessarily have to be rich, but if she is, it’s a great plus.

While the man, well, if he doesn’t have his own property and a car, it is a big issue and he has little chance.

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Secondary actors are also great and there are many funny and endearing moments.

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