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Campbell river speed dating

The mere thought of another weekend – or even a cheeky stolen afternoon – aboard their pride and joy brings an instant smile to their faces wherever they may be. By spending time afloat, you are giving yourself permission to cast off the shackles of that insane 21st-century obsession of clock-watching.I don’t even currently own a boat and I still feel the same way. Your time is once again yours, to do with as you please.Every evening meal was a pub dinner, every crew member a starving hungry grinner.Come sunrise the next day and everyone was up with the lark, all ropes off and full speed ahead (5mph!Cabin cruisers come in all shapes and sizes, from plastic-fantastic, mass-produced mini-Titanics to classic Fifties and Sixties wooden-hulled, coach-built beauties.I love the classics – they make my heart skip a beat but, not unlike cars, it’s really about what you want to do with your boat that should dictate which you choose.

It’s the countless listeners who contact my radio show every single day of the week to extol the virtues of messing about in boats.) up river towards Cookham, Bray, Marlow and Henley, with the magnificent Cliveden House coming up on the right any time soon. The greenest, lushest celebrations of grass you’ve ever seen, cascading down majestically towards the river, while nearby weeping willows tickle and tease the surface of Old Father Thames. But again, we could not believe how few people were doing what we were doing.The architecture en route completely different when viewed from the river. We barely saw another soul most days, yet millions of people just a few miles away were more than happy to sit in spirit-sapping traffic jams, attempting to escape the rat race while completely missing this gleaming jewel right under their very noses. So often we shell out a small fortune to be thousands of miles away but leave our head back in the office. For a few quid, for a few hours or a few days, you only have to be a few feet away from the riverbank to feel like you’re in a world of your own.Well it did, and it still does – it’s because of that incongruous capital K that I and many other locals have driven past Chris’s place a million times thinking, ‘Mmm, one day...’Well, it’s ‘Mmm...’ no more.We hired the Lady Jennifer cabin cruiser for our first three-night trip in April, Lady Natalia two weekends later and Lady Jennifer again the weekend after that to make it three trips in a month.

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