Canadian internet dating sites

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When my parents first hired Filipina maids 33 years ago, I connected with the culture there immediately and fell in love with it after my first visit there.

You have to wonder why such an absolutely huge place, second only to Russia in size, only has about 35 million people living there, most of them near the US border.

Canada's leader is a Woman and lives in another country.

Most Canadians themselves are not aware the the Supreme leader of Canada is the Queen of England.

Canada, the second biggest country on Earth, is a pretty strange place if you think really about it.

It would take most people a while to figure out why, so I'll make it easy and tell you in my opinion why, backed up by facts.

Just look at the northern territories of Canada, the area is huge and only 100,000 people live there.

So the hostile weather has a huge reason on the small population here.

Most Canadians take this for granted and grin and bear it, so most locals here are some pretty tough and hearty people.

They think that calling their wife the boss and having her in charge is totally normal.

In fact, in Canada, Womens and Mens roles are reversed from the natural system.

Given his job he was used to dealing with the elite of Canada and foreign countries.

My mum is german born and that had a huge influence on my life.

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