Canning jar dating

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Canning jar dating

When we think of pickles, cucumbers commonly come to mind.

Pickled cucumbers are often lacto-fermented in saltwater brine.

Pickles are created by immersing fresh fruits or vegetables in an acidic liquid or saltwater brine until they are no longer considered raw or vulnerable to spoilage.Tori’s food writing and photography have appeared on the websites of CNN, Bon Appetit, Zabar’s, Williams-Sonoma, Yahoo Shine, LA Weekly and The Huffington Post.Follow Tori on Facebook: Tori Avey, Twitter: @toriavey, or Google .The mixture was left to ferment in a warm place for several weeks, then relocated to cool, dark cellars.The pickles would last through the long cold winter until spring, when new crops of fresh produce were available.

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Of course, pickles aren’t limited to the dill and cucumber variety.

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