Carbon dating elephant

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Carbon dating elephant

While DNA analysis helps locate the ivory, geochemist Kevin Uno at Columbia University is using carbon dating to determine when the ivory was harvested.Doing so can help determine if an elephant was poached before or after ivory trade was outlawed.In this episode, Techknow's Marita Davison talks to a group of scientists who are using DNA extraction, genetic mapping, and carbon dating to find out where the ivory is coming from.In a lab at the University of Washington, researchers extract DNA from ivory samples and compare it to a genetic mapping database which is compiled by analysing DNA in elephant dung.

"Right now from anywhere in Africa, we can assign a seizure of ivory closer than 300 kilometres from where it came from," says Samuel Wasser, director of the Center for Conservation Biology at the University of Washington.Satellite technology is now being used by rescue centers to track the movement of the sea lions.It is such a new technology, many of the sea lions currently tagged have been dubbed pioneers of the movement.Acting on legal authority, officers temporarily detained the tusks and, using radiocarbon dating technology, both were analyzed by experts at Université Laval and Columbia University.The forensic report revealed that the tusks were from animals killed in 19.

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While the seizure was the biggest in the country's history, the perpetrators of the crime were never caught.