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However, this decision was made from the heart, from the path which I walked through with suffering and pain, and from understanding that the heart and soul are actually the most important in life.I realize that there are many problems and conflicts in the world and there are no easy decisions.My mother had a very conservative Japanese outlook and lifestyle. I grew up in Louisiana, in North Carolina, and in Texas, which are the worst parts of America.I can say that I grew up in hell with full responsibility and seriousness.

Being a leader was to live without fighting but not giving up. That success does not mean that I fitted in society, it simply means that I have become successful. I compensated for the lack of positive and honest emotions by connecting with my success and nurturing them inside.My uncle, who was a famous singer in the 1960s, gave concerts in Moscow every year.He also spoke and sang songs in Russian, therefore he is part of my history which is connected with Russia.It was a sign of God when an opportunity to become an Orthodox Christian arose in my life.It is an opportunity to become an Orthodox Christian given by God and it is an opportunity to find my people as a person. When I did my own research in this theme, I found out that there actually were several Yakuza who later became priests.

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I was impressed with the depth of the Russian people’s hearts. Your soul, heart and mind are drastically different from the American way of thinking, and are absolutely different from European way of thinking.