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Nobody knows how many gays are languishing in Egyptian jails--the number is certainly in the hundreds--or what prompted the massive dragnet.But because of the strict societal taboos against homosexuality, Egyptian human-rights groups have shunned such cases, leaving it to a handful of local gay activists to raise legal fees and provide other support. Gay activists in Egypt risk ostracism, arrest and even violence.The man had been a fellow performer in Horus's theater group in Cairo; but he was so ashamed of the relationship that he kept it a deep secret, refusing to let them be seen together in public.Eventually he left Horus, claiming that homosexuality was a "sin". "Then I thought to myself, 'how can I blame him when I'm doing the same thing he's doing?"She still believes that I just haven't met the right girl," he said with a resigned smile. In 1999 Horus wrote and directed an experimental play for a Cairo theater called 'Harem'--a pun on the Arabic word 'Haram,' meaning forbidden--a semi autobiographical work dealing with homosexuality and other taboos.

He encountered young men who had been locked out of their homes by their parents and forced to sleep on the streets, others whose fathers had savagely beaten them, some whose parents had forced them to seek psychiatric help so they could be "cured" of their "disease." At the same time, he discovered that his chat room was providing a desperately needed service: it was allowing gay men to be candid about their identities, to discuss their frustrations, and develop a support network of fellow gays.Browse below and through our entire site where you’ll find access to the very best high quality, top rated, live streaming adult entertainment experience.He was standing in the lobby of the Marriot Hotel in Cairo, just in front of the reception desk, when I first laid eyes on him.Apparently worried about spreading gay activism and anxious to placate its fundamentalist Muslim constitutency, the increasingly conservative regime of President Hosni Mubarak tightened the screws on Egypt's homosexuals.In 2000, Horus says "we started to hear about an Internet crimes department--set up mainly to trap gray men on the Internet." That year, two men who ran a gay Web site were arrested, convicted of various crimes and sentenced to lengthy jail terms.

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