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The bottom edge of the lower hatch should be placed slightly above the maximum steel bath height at tapping.

It is known that foamy slag has several beneficial effects on operation of the EAF, such as lower refractory erosion, lower arc noise and better energy transfer to bath.At this point, an assumption is made that each zone consists of identical materials and has the same temperature level; arcs - arc, solid scrap - s Sc, liquid scrap - l Sc, solid slag - s Sl, liquid slag - l Sl, gas - gas, electrodes - electrode, floor - floor, lower-wall or refractory brick - wall, upper-wall or water-cooled panels – water and roof - roof.In order to calculate the beneficial effects of the proposed solution, wall, water and electrode zones are further divided into smaller portions as follows.In normal operation, an EAF equipped with a standard slag doors is tilted for 15 to 20° in order to deslag the bath at tapping1) J. Innovations related to slag doors as well as concepts to remove an optimum amount of excess slag are seldom reported.Most innovations focus on sealing the openings around the slag door due to its negative effects.

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