Christian podcasts on dating

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Christian podcasts on dating

People who look for a sexual ethic from their faith, rather than in pop-psychology, or what they first heard in the ‘school-yard’ are looking in the right place – but I wonder how well equipped the churches are to give advice on the subject.Christianity’s two great legacies of the twentieth century have been predatory abuses of power, and the exclusion and repression of people who are ‘different’. We have to grow up, and become people who do deserve that trust, ‘if not us, who?Conservative Christianity is right when it claims that it is God who makes us sexual beings – so the desires we have are really a clue to God’s purposes for our lives!If we desire things like a fulfilling sex-life, intimacy and integrity it’s because we’re on the right path. Like many Christians, I believe that the Bible is the right place to look for guidance.Please talk to someone safe & discuss any issues raised with them, travelling alone is not necessary.

Whatever journey you are on, whatever path you have travelled, we welcome you.Rather than being dogmatic about theology or ethics, we encourage people to think through issues & make decisions for themselves.Our agenda is to build Disciples of Christ & in that provide perspectives that we believe to have Biblical, Theological and Cultural Integrity.The cows don’t stray, as they always stay a safe distance to the well.Their need for water keeps them safe.” This story explains a Christ centred perspective on Sexual ethics.

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