College dating violence

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College dating violence

Key Issues for College Counselors We reviewed over 60 articles pertaining to dating violence among college students and identified major themes relevant to college counseling.

We present six key issues intended to inform the practice of college counseling with students affected by dating violence.

The growing momentum in support of women who have been assaulted has spurred a wave of complaints by men who have been punished — in some cases suspended from campus — after being accused of assault.Therefore, we begin by clarifying our definitions of these terms.We define dating as a relationship in which two individuals share an emotional, romantic, and/or sexual connection beyond a friendship, but they are not married, engaged, or in a similarly committed relationship (i.e., have not participated in a lifelong commitment ceremony).Colleges would be required to keep track of incidents of dating violence, domestic violence and stalking that take place on or near their campuses under proposed regulations to be published Friday by the Department of Education.The proposals also would allow both accusers and the accused to bring an "advisor of their choice" to campus disciplinary proceedings.

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We consider a dating relationship to be violent if one or more forms of violence are present.