Confessions of an online dating addict play cosplay dating game

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Confessions of an online dating addict

In the final chapters of the book, Jane Coloccia provides readers with suggestions for how to successfully navigate the slippery slopes of online dating and even includes advice straight from her own therapists mouth. I can see how this book might be helpful to online daters who are interested in learning from someone elses mistakes so if you are in the market for something along those lines, consider picking up a copy of Jane Coloccias confessions. Writing a graphic novel is different than writing a column because less is more.I have to try and cut, cut, cut the words down so there’s more happening visually and less being said.What’s the greatest challenge about writing something so personal? I am beginning to see that this is the kind of writing that has always interested me—the deeply personal.I remember being a reporter and covering amazing things like a bombing but really wanting to insert myself into the story somewhere, but there was no room for that (back then) in hard-news reporting.She seemed to be the only one who could make my visions come alive—and go beyond my expectations.We end up being true collaborators because I give instructions on what to draw, but she also changes the writing if it doesn’t work.

I thought a graphic novel would be the perfect way to show all the multiple streams—IM’s, Facebook, texting, etc.

Also, I remind my students and others is that although I am writing about myself, there’s still a *persona* there, a character. Another challenge is that things may have changed along the way—but the story is already out there. Sometimes I can’t believe that this little idea I once had—”Let me write a graphic novel! I had no idea what I was getting into—and now I am immersed in the genre. (I hope one day I’ll be able to think without pictures). The book will have some of the same elements as the column—me, of course—but it will have a fuller narrative arc.

At the end of my column I asked readers to give suggestions on how “Amy” comes across. I tend not to look back on the writing of years ago because sometimes I can’t believe I put some of that stuff out there and I’m thinking, “Oh My God! It’s amazing to me that I write up these little pages with notes about the pictures I imagine, and then the first pencil draft comes in from the artist and there it is! It will start from the beginning (the column started in the middle, as it was following my regular, non-illustrated column) and be fleshed out to include friends and family.

I have been a reporter since then, but looking back over all my clips, I can see it was the personal writing—the essays, the memoirs, the first-person reported pieces—that gave me the most satisfaction.

I have always been writing creatively, but I started working as a journalist in 1995 at The Jerusalem Post.

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“What so great about you that you want to write about yourself? I think my training as a reporter has given me an eye for detail and an ear for the dialogue of a good quote.

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