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Configuration manager collections not updating

The performance impacts and business requirements need to be carefully considered to come up with an appropriate collection evaluation plan.This blog post seeks to explain how collection evaluation works in Config Mgr 2012 (and Config Mgr current branch) including the new concept of a collection evaluation graph.For example, the general recommendation is to limit the number of collections that update frequently to avoid creating performance problems.

Given that a CAS does not evaluate collection membership, it needs to send a request to each primary and request a collection update.

For more control you would need to use a different deployment method.

While further implementation details are discoverable (as we know some administrators have already done), we aren’t covering them in our documentation at this time; we don’t want anyone to get used to a manual approach that can change, or yield unexpected results.

Note that the client version displayed on the Automatic Client Upgrade tab of the Site Settings Properties dialog box will not change with the installation of a cumulative update.

Updating to cumulative update 1 does require prior installation of SP2, or R2 SP1.

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Incremental Collections are a collection evaluation schedule that is similar to the Delta collection updates that were possible in Config Mgr 2007.