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Conn saxophone serial dating

Rico Graftonite or Metalite on a Conn straight-necked C-melody, modified by cutting off one centimeter of the mouthpiece shank, so it is not obstructed by the microtuner) with their C melody saxophone, though depending on which mouthpiece type is chosen (e.g.

long shank or short shank) there may be problems regarding the accuracy of intonation, particularly at the upper end of the range.

Many novelty tunes, most influenced by 1920s dance music, were written specifically for the instrument.As a result, some experimentation may be required in order to find a tenor mouthpiece which provides accurate intonation across the entire scale.Other players have successfully fitted alto saxophone mouthpieces to their C melody saxophones. With a more modern mouthpiece fitted, a C melody saxophone can lose some of its muted qualities and sound brighter, with more of the sonic power that an alto or tenor saxophone gives.They were sometimes also used in churches to accompany hymns.Dedicated mouthpieces were produced for the C melody saxophone, though these may be hard to find in the 21st century.

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The C melody has a muted sound when compared to other saxophone types, particularly if an original vintage mouthpiece is used.