Cpanel email quota not updating

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Cpanel email quota not updating

Secure Sockets Layer cert expire in less than 30 days Let’s now explore how to reset your c Panel Secure Socket Layer Certificates on receiving an email notification.

Perform the following steps: The new expiration date will be displayed in the Certificate Expiration column.

c Panel is the commonly used web hosting control panel which is a simple and easy interface to create E-mail accounts, fully functional domain, child domain, database and file transfer protocol users.

Thank you Hi dickchan, The default can be up to 2 hours, depending where in the cycle you make the quota change (exchange will check for quota changes once every 2 hours).The steps below show how to change the check interval to 20 minutes, to change it to anything else, ensure that both settings are set to the same time period (the first is entered in seconds, the second entry is in minutes).Microsoft do not recommend setting this value lower than 20 minutes as it can negatively impact on performance, and strongly recommend anything lower than 5 minutes (where it will also start affecting domain controller performance). Right click Parameters System and select Export and save the file to disk (so you can rollback). Create a new DWORD value: Reread Logon Quotas Interval and give it a decimal value of 1200 (that’s 20 minutes in seconds). Create a new DWORD value: Mailbox Cache Age Limit and give it a decimal value of 20 (20 minutes). Restart the Exchange IS - this will result in the email system becoming unavailable whilst it restarts.the 20 minutes passed already : P, So I guess I will stop. I've created multiple email accounts @my-domain using c Panel.

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If you are required to log into your c Panel account via your domain domain/c Panel There are cases where you cannot open the URL or log in with the right username and password.

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