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I got too many,phones full of em lol3 irish guys having speech woman therapist says"if yuo can say where you're from without stuttering i'll give you a blow job". The woman replies "He didn't kiss my ear,he whispered he's gay,horny and looking for vaseline.i told him it's in the bathroom ; let's see who's f***ing strong now!! Paddy was in the pub telling his mate about his first parachute jump when he joined the said they were at 30.00 ft and 1 by 1 they started to it came to his turn he couldn't do the big sergeant pulled out his 12 inch penis and said "Paddy if you don't jump i'll stick this up your a**e!!"Paddys mate asked if he jumped to which Paddy replied "Just a little when he first put it in".Two women on the way back from a night out stop in a graveyard for a pee. She married once more and had 5 more children then finally died.One wipes herself with her knickers and the other with a wreath. fook off it was sent to me i just wanted you to read it. Standing at her coffin the priest prayed for her and said "Lord they're finally together! One mourner asked her friend "Do you think he means her first,second or third husband? Just imagine it on Ladies Day ; him running round the last bend and all the women screaming "Come on My F ace!!!

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The Royal Mail have released a new stamp with a picture of a clitoris on it. Wee boy in a Celtic strip gets run over outside Parkhead."Do you want me to get you a priest???

However,its now been withdrawn as only 5% of men knew where to lick it. "asks a passer boy replies "I'M f**king dying pal ; sex is the last thing on my mind!!!! Her husband died so she married again and had 7 more children and again her husband died.

When not talking face to face you loose non verbal communiication.

When not talking voice to voice you lose verbal inflection and dialect/accent, therefore texting is not a form of viable comunication, for now.a mouse finds a viagra tablet on the floor and eats it.

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You know it's wrong but sooner or later you r goin to touch it wiv ur tongue...

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