Cuckoo clock dating marks

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Cuckoo clock dating marks

In essence, the higher the tooth on the scythe, the less times it has been engaged in the clocks lifetime.

The result is variable wear which results in failure at tooth 10 when the difference in wear is enough to interfere with the meshing of the lever that lifts it.

This of course means that the first tooth is used in every chime on every hour.

If there are several then the clock is probably 3 – 10 years younger than its first service date.The solution was to adjust the whole sythes setting up a little to compensate.A bit of 12oo grit wet and dry to both the lever and the topmost teeth of the scythe also got rid of any micro-burrs on the edge of the teeth.Its by W Gibson of Belfast and dates from 1890 – 1899, probably 1895 – 6.The reason it can be accurately dated is that it has service marks on the base.

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Having said this, rather like a wrist watch, once the clock is back together is as solid as a rock.

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