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If you're unable to get an opinion from a player you trust, you could seek advice from an external forum.

Examples of items governed largely by street price include discontinued items and other rare items such as: The next highest price is market price.

For a more complete discussion about that economy, refer to the Economy Guide.

This article deals with the more limited question of how to relate the various pricing levels with the player's many buying, selling and bartering opportunities.

At the opposite extreme, when players are directly interacting the prices will be less predictable, and sometimes even irrational.

Note that ordering prices in this way intermixes prices in which the player is buying or selling.

The "high alch" price is that of which the appropriate store would purchase the item from the player if the store had none of that item in stock.

At the same time, a seller capable of the high alchemy spell has no reason to drop below that price when selling player-to-player — unless, of course, the value of the item is so low that the expenditure of the required runes makes the spell uneconomical.But it will generally take longer to sell because sometimes no one wants it.So sell on the streets if you don't care about waiting or getting a different price every time.It is worth noting that the store price is set within the game itself, whereas the street price is set by humans buying and selling (and, indirectly, by bartering) and can fluctuate erratically.When the Grand Exchange was released and Jagex could track player trading prices, the store price of many items was adjusted to match the player trading price.

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Prices are commonly accepted values for items which are determined by either a set number or supply and demand.

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