Daniel negreanu and amanda leatherman dating

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Daniel negreanu and amanda leatherman dating

It's midnight here in Vienna and I just got off the phone with Andrew Robl.

There has been much discussion about the last episode of The Big Game and how Tony G and I "ganged up" on Robl for being a nit.

On one of the days I actually flew to Vegas for the day to give the new owner of the Tropicana a poker lesson.

It was actually for his wife who is a huge poker fan.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know more about it as it gets closer to the release date.

I also had a chance to hook up with my buddies Regev and Oren which is always fun.

It took me a while to get my first EPT cash out of the way in London, so hopefully I can go back-to-back in Vienna, but this time make a really deep run at the title.

I'll be updating my progress on twitter at Real Kid Poker as always.

It certainly created a lot of drama and discussion which always makes for a good story line the next time he appears on the show with me or Tony G.There are only 5 available seats per week other than the Loose Cannon, and a lot of people are banging down the doors to get into the game since it's such a high value game.I was shocked that Robl wouldn't straddle despite everyone else in the game straddling. Sure he isn't obligated to do it, but in the interest of action and keeping everyone happy, the better play for him would have been to say, "OK boys, I'll gamble with you, but just this once." So as mentioned, I got off the phone with Andrew and let him know we are cool and we squashed it.Also had dinner at Katsuya, and then was really excited to eat at Bazaar in Beverly Hills, a restaurant created by Jose Andres who I'd seen on 60 Minutes.He is an energetic chef who is very vegan friendly and the food was amazing.

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One night after dinner we stopped by Justin "Boosted J" Smith's house in the Hills.