Dating perl script

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Dating  perl script

Instead of using sendmail program, it's using Socket to connect to the SMTP server, so it can be used under UNIX and Windows platforms without any big modification on the script.

Configured via the html form: direct data to e-mail and/or file, enforce data entry, autorespond with custom message for each form, redirects based on result of script's validation. This script sends form data to two email addresses and a file in comma-delimited format.

Works with any form, and you can use this one script for as many different forms as you please.

A one-file formmailer that allows you to change the interface language and style.

A quick word about terminology to begin: Sorting is the process of classifying email and storing it in an appropriate folder. MIMEDefang uses that classification to mark a message as spam by adding a text string to the subject line.

That classification allows other software to file the email into the designated folders.

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To make managing my email easier, I like to sort incoming messages into a few folders (in addition to the inbox).

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