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Dating a colombian woman

For many Colombian girls taking care after her husband and children is their “meaning of life”.

Colombian men are very demanding and expect that their wifes to do all the chores and keep their bodies in shape and cook them 3 hot meals ( including 2 soups) a day. As I´ve mentioned in former articles, even in Colombia some kind of emancipation took place, but the percentage of girls that won´t have the upper mentioned qualities is very low.

Although we do not recommend a very big age difference, in Colombia you can definitely find younger and more attractive girls interested in dating you. Many Colombian women that join our website, also not interested in dating Colombian men.

They think Colombian guys are not very attractive physically in their looks and their personality.

If you make friends partying in La Candelaria and Zona Rosa doing cocaine and ecstasy, what do you think you’re going to get?

In college I met almost exclusively family-type, “good girl” Latinas from the top 1% of social classes in Brazil to Peru.

Remember that the majority of Colombian women have to live in their family house with their kids, parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents.

The article says that not only does greater Latin America cheat a lot, but Colombia leads the region.

Colombians seem to be the most unfaithful in the region …

66% of [Colombian] men and women admit to having cheated at least once.

Most Colombian women are seeking a simple but secure and stable lifestyle. Thanks to Colombian “macho” tradition most ( but not all ) Colombian Women hae been raised to be perfect housewifes and mothers. This article is about the truth about most Colombian women and the advantages that you can expect.

From a very young age Colombian Girls are expected are to be perfect maids for their family.

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Compared to most “Western” or Eastern European women, Colombian women can be seen as modest.

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