Dating a gibson banjo

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Dating a gibson banjo

But since the flooding of the Cumberland River in Nashville ravaged their production facilities in May of 2010, Gibson has not assembled or shipped a single banjo.Nor have they been willing to discuss the status of banjo building in their future plans.

These had a flap in the resonator at the rear to vary the sound between open and closed back and a big body for a Banjolele as they were originally based on the Banjo Mandolin but the number of strings was reduced to 4.It was deemed irrecoverable, and the site was abandoned with banjo and mandolin luthiers sent to work in other Nashville production facilities.Numerous calls and emails to Gibson for comment since have been met with stony silence.It seems a fair question to ask: what is going on with Gibson Banjos?The demise of their 5 strings was not only a shock to the dealers who represented them, but very nearly caused the collapse of First Quality Music in Louisville, who had been manufacturing the Gibson banjo components for some time.

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Halting production in the wake of the flooding is easily understood.