Dating a korean man

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His family is in Korea and although they know we re living together (and they are not happy at all) they still dont know we are engaged.And that s the big problem, he is quite sure his parents wont be happy about that since he is studying , and until he finishes his study his parents wont be really happy. In fact he is quite sure they are not gonna contact him anymore and if we get married, that will be the end of the relationship with his parents.

But this is definitely a Korean way to celebrate being in love.So at first, i was the one pushing him to his parents but he didnt hear me. As we started dating, i know some korean friends told him a couple of negatives things, as we move together some korean people were suggesting after a while i could get bored of him and "threw him away" like a pair of old shoes.He planned the whole thing and, after months talking big one phone call and he is hesitating. His big brother needed also time to get used of us being together, of us moving together..He doesnt even live in Korea and wont be back in a while, but i still try to be understanding. Yesterday he was on the phone with his brother, and i think they talked about the whole thing. Now he would like to talk to his parents first, or maybe just wait, or maybe .... I was the first one to tell him he should talk to his parents first but he said, it was the same: "at the end the result wont change".He was also talking about "my parents should understand me, i wont change my plans just because of them and so on".

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