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You enjoy math, chemistry, and you thrash out algorithms to solve practical problems. But being a geek shouldn’t stop you from actively dating.It would be possible that spending too much time studying, reading, solving problems, and pursuing other “egghead” activities might leave you a little light on social techniques. They are afraid they might come out too nerdy, weird or boring.Obviously intelligence is a good thing on its own but there are additional benefits it brings along with it. Geeks Appreciate their Relationships Geeks really do appreciate the people they are in a relationship with.

This character attribute causes geeks to be outliers which has been tied to some of the most successful people in the world today. Geeks Are Happy with Their Work Geeks are generally happy with how they earn a living.As I’ll be discussing in this article, while geeks fail to bring the social status important to many people, what they offer in replace of that makes them well worth your consideration.None of the reasons I will be discussing are universally true.Again, your friends are not likely to be “impressed” but acceptance is becoming the norm. It is very common for me to find myself on a computer when visiting family or friends but I believe by-in-large we geeks enjoy this.Aside from recognizing happening in every day life, there are also studies that are starting to back this up. Geeks Provide In-Home Technical Support My wife takes advantage of this in a major way. Now not every geek will know how to address every issue but that’s another great thing: if we can’t fix it chances are good that we have a friend who can.

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