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You will act with even more sense if you wait about a year to meet a woman’s parents.A year will give you and your woman an initial six months to make sure you really want to date each other and an additional six months to share a serious relationship to cement your commitment.Commitment is a great thing — provided you commit to the right woman.

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents marks a momentous milestone in your relationship.

Humanizing animals is the easiest way to help kids sympathize with the plight of small, cuddly forest creatures, and thus the easiest way to turn them into staunch environmentalists. Movies like appeal to very different audiences, but they all succeed in humanizing their subjects to some degree.

How many non-hunters picture Bambi’s ill-fated mother when they consider taking up the outdoorsman life? In the auto realm, humanization of cars is mainly the domain of Disney and Pixar and schlocky horror directors.

Saying sir and ma’am will get you a long way, and opening doors and pulling chairs out for people is a great way to make a lasting positive first impression.

Offering to pay Man, if you can afford it you could offer for dinner or lunch is a great way to look generous and it shows that you do not stop at anything to take care of their daughter and that you will meet her needs.

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Talk about what you like, use good anecdotes and appropriate jokes.

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