Dating agency for golfers

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Dating agency for golfers

Earlier this month, we saw what happened when two men tried to Starbucks while black at a Center City store.Then, even before uproar over that incident died down, some women had a golfing-while-black situation in York County, Pa. Five women, all members of an informal group of experienced golfers called Sisters in the Fairway, gathered at the Grandview Golf Club in York County to enjoy a day on the links. A man who identified himself as a club owner approached two of the women and complained that they were moving too slowly.A Sydney fitness model has come out on top in a battle against an elite dating agency which she claims set her up with an 'unsuitable man' after she forked out 00.Zoë Daly handed over the hefty sum late last year, after meeting with Elite Introductions founder, Trudy Gilbert, who promised she would meet 'amazing men'.J., called the police on two men working out at the facility after falsely accusing them of not paying.Starbucks plans to close on May 29 to conduct nationwide training about racial biases.Lucky for them, they weren’t handcuffed and arrested as Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were in the Starbucks case. A video of it has since gone viral, sparking similar widespread condemnation and complaints about racism. The women tried to continue playing but were met again with the same complaint.When management offered to refund their fees, they informed course officials that they were members.

The remaining women attempted to tee off after taking a short break — as is customary after completing the ninth hole — but were again interrupted, by five members of Grandview’s management.

In hindsight, the women got off easy, considering what happened at Starbucks.

Earlier this month, LA Fitness had a similar happening when employees in Secaucus, N.

Management offered to refund their membership dues, as well.

“We were the only African Americans that were out there and we were the only women that were out there that we were aware of,” recalled Myneca Ojo, one of the group members.

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Northern York County Regional Police arrived but wisely didn’t make any arrests. They were middle-aged women who wanted to play golf.