Dating alfred meakin marks

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Dating alfred meakin marks

As for superiority and popularity, Crumlin with its attractive butterfly border outdoes Monarch any day.

As we approach 1890 onward into the Late Victorian and Edwardian times, flow blue was now being produced on a thin earthenware medium commonly referred to as semi-porcelain.

The Top Ten Most Desirable Patterns in the Romantic or Scenic Category are: (B) Oriental Category: Those scenes usually included flowers and plants of the orient, people dressed in oriental garb and temples in the background.

Generally speaking, most of the oriental patterns were produced on an Ironstone medium.

Brush Stroke Flow Blue is basically hand painted flow or flowing blue.

It is often accompanied by some pink or copper luster and is sometimes hand clobbered with orange, yellow, green and red enamel colors.

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