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These early inhabitants were highly mobile hunter-gatherers, consisting of about 20 to 50 members of an extended family.

They were the earliest ancestors of the Athabaskan-speaking peoples, including the Navajo and Apache.

They had villages with large multi-family dwellings, used seasonally during the summer, from which they hunted, fished and gathered food supplies for the winter.

In July 1992, the Federal Government officially designated X̲á:ytem (near Mission, British Columbia) as a National Historic Site, one of the first Indigenous spiritual sites in Canada to be formally recognized in this manner.The characteristics of Canadian Aboriginal culture included permanent settlements, Various laws, treaties, and legislation have been enacted between European immigrants and First Nations across Canada.Aboriginal Right to Self-Government provides opportunity to manage historical, cultural, political, health care and economic control aspects within first people's communities.One route hypothesized is that people walked south by way of an ice-free corridor on the east side of the Rocky Mountains, and then fanned out across North America before continuing on to South America.Clovis sites dated at 13,500 years ago were discovered in western North America during the 1930s.

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Similarly, "Aboriginal" as a collective noun is a specific term of art used in some legal documents, including the Constitution Act, 1982, though in some circles that word is also falling into disfavour.

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