Dating collinsvills

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Dating collinsvills

He immediately left and was gone for a number of years during which he evidently plyed his trade with success in other regions.

Now very grown up and changed in appearance, Willie decided that he could safely pay a visit to the scenes of his boyhood.

He was now a large man and would not be readily recognized.

He then returned to the tavern, informed his wife that, he had made a successful haul and went to bed. The next morning some of the gang with whom his son had once associated came to the tavern from Ford's place in Kentucky.Willie enjoyed the success of his plan and decided to wait until the morrow to tell them who he was. Young Potts, being thirsty, asked for a drink of fresh water.His father, as was the custom, suggested that they go to the near by spring for a diink.They began to fear that the stranger of the night before was their son.Upon the departure of the puzzled visitors, Potts took a spade, went to the newly-made grave and began tc remove the dirt from over the body.

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His con- sternation and remorse may be imagined when the body was uncovered and careful a examination revealed a tell-tale birthmark.