Dating dealbreakers salon

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Dating dealbreakers salon

Or he'll cover up when he's met up with a female friend when I'm out of town (a completely platonic situation, but he's been burned by over-sensitive jealous exes).

(This one has a faulty knob, send it back and get a new one.) I don't want love to be conditional.

Would you like to join an intimate group of Single women, and explore with them some of the joys and challenges of dating in the Bay Area women’s community?

I will be facilitating a Singles Salon for bisexual and lesbian women in San Francisco with Hersn Hers Connexions and Betty’s List in the coming months.

-- ct So many people in the dating world talk about "deal breakers," their list of no-no's that immediately ousts a potential partner and ranges from "no drug-addictions" to "no socks with sandals." I have trouble making ultimatums, life just seems too complicated.

It makes sense to have some boundaries, but this is love, not border patrol.

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The fallout from this particular event could have been avoided by calmly explaining the situation to me and having a heart-to-heart with her.

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