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Dating for beginners men

While club technology and design has improved massively over the last 100 years, there have been very few “new” clubs invented.And not since Gene Sarazen gave us the modern sand wedge in the 1930s has something come along like the hybrid, arguably the greatest “new” club to benefit amateur and pro golfers alike.Buy now People keep on the buying the ever-popular XR range, and it’s clear to see why.It’s far more forgiving than its Epic peer, but it doesn’t offer the adjustability or the distance stats.Buy now With the same, clean, sci-fi black and white design of Taylor Made’s immensely popular M series, this is without question the most attractive hybrid on the market.It’s a long hitter designed for the better golfer, as it lacks the forgiveness required by higher handicappers.Buy now This is the choice for players looking for more and more yards.

It also has a draw option, which effectively helps to control ball flight.Here are our best picks based on distance, forgiveness and aesthetics.There are some clubs that just feel good as soon as you get them to address – this was our universal experience of the F7.Forget the macho purists who believe everyone should struggle round golf courses playing one and two irons – if Phil Mickleson and Patrick Reed use hybrids to win tournaments, so should we.Hybrids, broadly defined as mix between irons and woods, are sometimes known as “rescue clubs” – and that is exactly what they do.

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