Dating goebel hummel marks

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Dating goebel hummel marks

The boy figure was attractive because of the theme, gardening, and also because it looked European, and had a Meissen flavor.

At the time I assumed it was a nice Japanese knock-off piece.

Goebel started with a triangle and a moon and has had numerous trademark designs since then, such as the bee mark. However there is one problem: my figurine has no stamped or incised Goebel mark.

I have seen this same figurine many times on Ebay with the typical Goebel crown mark, either incised or painted, from several different years during the timeline they gave me. There are endless scenarios you could imagine that would explain its absence.

If you are not sure about something just leave a comment below and I will try to clear it up for you.

When posting comment please make sure the comment is related to identifying the age of the Hummel.

I don’t know if it applies to other Goebel lines, but typically the auctions sites put a premium on older Hummels, which are easier to date.

At any rate it had been an interesting project tracking all this down.

I have always been a random collector of ceramic items, bought only because they had a certain attraction.

So ultimately, here is the information I seek: Does anyone know under what conditions and when the Goebel Company would not have put a stamped or incised mark one of their products? Pat Hi Pat Your article is perhaps the most exhaustive piece of research I have ever had on this China Chat forum in 10 years. Right off the bat, if I had seen this piece without your research, I would have also written it off as a Goebel type copy - likely from the Far East.

This is because Goebel were very clear and efficient at marking their wares. Not unless we get a clever contributor to solve this for us. First thing is, sometimes the Goebel crown is impressed (in the mould) and sometimes an ink stamp. The shape mark NM 572 is in the mould, so is on the piece anyway.

I discovered that Goebel produced many other lines of ceramics that were not Hummel. I found that it was part of a series called 'Neue Figuren Meissen', (‘Meissen style figurines’).

I then emailed Goebel in Germany and received this response:"In our model book your figurine is described as follows: NM 572/A (Boy) and /B (girl) "The little gardener"These figurines were produced in two sizes: /I and /01932 sculpted by our sculptor Reinhold Unger1933 market introduction1962 discontinued.

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There is a Hummel Figurine out there for almost every occasion; starting from “A Flower For You” to “Zealous Xylophonist”.

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