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Get a drink at a beachside bar in almost any of the major cities or coastal towns in summer and you’re bound to create the right atmosphere.

Australia is every bit as dangerous as you’ve heard.

Well despite its reputation as a sunbaked, fun loving country with a riotous nightlife, there are several things you should know before you embark on an Australian love tour. Australians like to think of themselves as a nation of people who can laugh at themselves. A bit of cheek goes a long way, but send up some Australians at your peril.

They enjoy a laugh at their own expense only when it’s on their terms.

Don’t share random sweet nothings with them by text with no context – they’ll just zone out.

Australian beaches are phenomenal, so if meeting with a prospective date in season considering doing it by the beach.

An open air bar in summer can be a great place to meet a random stranger or catch up for a drink with someone you’ve just met.

I won’t labour the point, but the price of a drink in Australia is seriously obscene!

– it’s no surprise that many of us are turning to technology to find the one and that online dating is very common these days with more and more people using the Internet to find their soulmate or just to make new friends.And frankly some of the women don’t behave much better.Enjoy the heat, the beaches, the modern city and the nightlife but be a little bit careful.The West Australian beaches have a serious shark issue and many a European tourist has been found dismembered and decomposing in a forrest somewhere.Most importantly, some of the men are just a bit angry and making a move on a man’s girlfriend is likely to end in a physical confrontation.

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